Mrs. Scarlett's Cookies success story
Ms. Scarlet's Cookies success story

Writing about home based businesses is something I have done for many years now.  Several e-books have been published and on our recommendations hundreds of questions have been answered by normal everyday families looking to supplement their monthly income.  This being a passion of mine, I am always happy to spend as much time as necessary when assisting new people through the maze of starting your own home based business and look forward to working with new families.  However it would be nice to see some of my efforts pay, an individual or family taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise we have in starting your own small business and actually starting one for themselves.

A few months ago my wife and I had dinner with a family that is very near and dear to us.  Although we see very little of them throughout the months we still enjoy vacations together every year and consider them our extended family.  They have 4 small children ranging in ages from 1-6 and home school them all, to say that this family stays busy is an understatement.

Lindsey, the wife and I had a conversation about a home based business she could get into given her everyday situation with raising children and having a family.  She and Tex both are very energetic and include their children in all that they do.  While this conversation was taking place her middle daughter Scarlet was busy preparing cookies to be placed in the oven (of course she was heavily supervised by both mom and dad while this was being performed).  When the cookies came out, little Scarlet carefully removed them from the pan placing them in a decorative cookie tin before being served.  I commented on Scarlet’s patience and precise handling of the cookies, assuring that each was removed without causing damage, paying close attention to the presentation before being served.  Both and Janet and I learned that Scarlet had become the authority in baking at the Davis’ home, trying new recipes and ingredients to perfect the most tasteful baked goods ever.

When the cookies Scarlet had baked were finally given the approval to be eaten I was astonished at how good they tasted.  They were so good that I put in an order to share with my employees during our annual get together before the holidays.

Now I would like to convey to you that the home business idea hit me the second I bit into one of those scrumptious cookies, but the fact is, it took receiving the ordered cookies and sharing them with coworkers and employees to realize the tremendous opportunity for the Davis family.  Everybody loved the homemade cookies and wanted to know where they too could purchase them and that’s when I knew that these guys were on to something.  We spoke at length about starting a home based business and well the rest is as they say, history.

Miss Scarlet pies and cookies have gained lots of attention over the past few months with no end in sight.  Local merchants have signed on requesting 100’s of cookies and other baked treats weekly to offer in their business and the Davis’s on line business has taken off.  You can visit Miss Scarlet pies 24 hours a day for additional information and for Internet orders.

There is a business idea in the HBB e-Book available here at only $5.00.

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