Home Business: Providing Specialized Garden Services – Part 4

Tilling for a Vegetable garden can be a great way to earn some extra income

Tilling for a Vegetable Garden

Tilling for a Vegetable Garden

Anyone who has spent anytime around me will attest to my passionate pursuit of ways to make money, especially when it comes to thinking up new and innovative home based businesses. I spend the better part of my days pouring over miles of internet links including charts and graphs deciphering what up and down turns are taking place within our society.

Using this information I model new part time businesses that everyday people can do creating nice part time incomes for their households. I am very proud of what I do and love every minute of it, but there are those humbling times that remind me that opportunities are all around you everyday, you just need to be alert and recognize them when they are in your face.

Proof of this occurrence was just this past weekend. My daughter lives in a medium income subdivision with a typical 1400 sq. ft. home just a couple of miles distance away from mine. Newlywed, she is now in the process of laying new grass in her front yard. Being the good father that I am, I offered to run the tiller for her. For those of you who are not familiar with a tiller, this is a gas powered machine that you walk behind as it “tills” up the soil.
They’re not expensive (average about $400-600 dollars) and require no special training to operate.  Actually they work best if the operator has a strong back and a weak mind

Now for starters I am not a yard person nor do I enjoy any part of maintaining a yard, but I am capable of handling a machine such as a tiller. Remember, this was for my daughter and I really was looking forward to some mind numbing work. Very little brain power is required when performing a task such as this. I began my duties for the day by placing my iPod plugs in both ears, starting up the machine and off I went. Her neighborhood is active with both young and older couples but I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting anyone of them yet, which made my presence there “covert”. No surprise therefore that within 30 minutes I was approached by a nice lady who questioned me as to what I charged to till a small section of yard. I assured her this was nothing more than a fatherly duty and I didn’t do this type of work for a living. Several minutes later a gentleman stopped by on his morning walk and was curious as to what I was doing and how he could get in touch with me to do some tilling for him.

Again, I pleasantly offered the same answer as earlier, but this time I asked him what he needed with a tiller. He answered very matter of factly that he was planning to put in a small garden in his back yard and had been unsuccessful in locating a service that offered this type of work.
I then noticed the first neighbor who was interested in leasing “me and the tiller” as she was on a walk with her dog. I re-contacted her with the question and she too wanted to put in a small garden. After being contacted by two separate individuals interested in the same thing I began to think (one of my shortcomings) on how this could be set up as home based business. In the end I found it to be a perfect and unique opportunity.

The service you would be offering is not one of a landscaper or a person who cares for other areas of the lawn. This would be strictly the duties of a tiller and operator. I would advertise this business as a quick and easy way to prepare an area for a small garden in their back or side yard. Another angle would be to include tilling for old flower beds or pathways that have been overrun with weeds and are in need of revamping. The great thing about offering the services such as tilling is that it is an in and out deal usually taking only a few hours to complete with no need to return for maintenance.

There are many different ways to approach this part time, home based business, but in the end you are offering something very unique in a very small niche. Other income streams associated with tilling would be to offer the removal of the tilled weeds and grass and leveling. Leveling the ground is a requirement after it has been tilled as the tiller leaves the soil in a “bumpy” state.  If you are so inclined and have a talent for it you could also offer putting in complete gardens for homeowners.  I found many of these individuals had the desire for a garden and will probably make good keepers of an established model but have little knowledge as to how to set one up.

In addition to tilling and setting up their garden you could also offer services to keeping up their plot keeping it weeded and fertilized.
I like it when ideas just present themselves such as this one. Had I not been willing to do this chore for my daughter, I never would have realized what a cool service it would be to have this as a part time extra income provider.

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