Hoodie Hoo Day
Hoodie Hoo Day
Yes, there really is a holiday known as Hoodie-Hoo Day. This unusual holiday was created and copyrighted by the folks at www.wellcat.com. The idea behind this special occassion is to step outdoors, precisely at noon and shout, “Hoodie-Hoo”!

Ruth and Tom Roy, creators of this and another 70 or so bizarre holidays, say this ritual helps to scare away winter, combat cabin fever and prepare for spring which is about one month away.

No one knows how well the holiday will catch on, but anything that will help chase away the ridiculous winter we have seen in Florida this year, I am personally 100% behind!

So take today to visit the Hoodie-Hoo webpage for tips and ideas you can use to share this annual holiday, which is always held on February 20th, each and every year!

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