Hot Shark Fishing Action near Amelia Island
Hot Shark Fishing Action near Amelia Island
Hot is the word! Hot water, hot air and some hot shark fishing is everywhere. Inshore, offshore and at the jetties, too, they may even be at the Atlantic Avenue Recreation Center’s pool.

The VHF radio was alive with enthusiastic captains bragging about their shark fishing success. Sharks were even eating my blue Crabs fished on the bottom for Redfish at the end of the south jetty rocks, as well as large mullet floated on the surface for Tarpon. Tarpon were rolling in my chum-slick, but unable to get to the Mullet ahead of the sharks! I say we have a shark tournament with the prizes being awarded for the most sharks brought in.

Last week we did eventually manage to find some small ledges offshore that produced no sharks and limited out on Seabass and Grouper. The Grouper were eating large Mullet pinned to a five ounce chartreuse Grouper Jig stuck in a rod holder so it would bounce up and down just over the bottom. We also had lots of fun on a stiff spinning outfit.

Things will probably stay about the same unless we start getting seabreezes again in the afternoon. Sometimes a small change in the weather or wind can shake things up. Redfish have been showing up in fair numbers at the jetties during the low incoming tide phase. Live finger mullet or live Pogies fished on the bottom are providing good action between shark bites.

Call me for a charter booking if your arms are strong enough to battle lots of sharks and some tasty local Grouper.

Captain Jim Wormhoudt
CleanSweep Charters
(904) 753-0882

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