How and Where to Find new Business Ideas

Researching business opportunities is easier than ever.

New Business Idea Sources

New Business Idea Sources

I have always been fascinated by business.  Living on a island I have always been aware of the limitation of business development. But as Amelia Island developed I always have had the thrill of thinking of a business idea and then doing research to determine if it would apply to our area.  Figuring out how it would work and if there would be a profit at the end of the day.  Putting it all together and then watching it unfold as you had planned and then hope that all your research will pay off.  To me this is the real thrill of business.

Is it for everyone?¬† Not really, there are many who simply are not comfortable with taking the risk that are associated with starting a business and then maintaining it. I have always had more then one business going at a time, I know what you may be thinking right now, he must be a nut.¬† Believe me there are times when I would agree with you, especially when one or two of the ongoing businesses encounter those “normal” business challenges and they have to be dealt with.¬† But all in all, I would not change a thing, I love being busy, (I think) and working long hours every day.

I have had a lot of people ask me how I would come up with different business ideas or how would I know what was lacking in a certain area?  When I travel I love to read, the book of choice when I arrive at my destination is the greatest book of business ideas ever written, the phone book.  I go straight to the yellow pages and start reading.  You will be surprised what you can find in the yellow pages of a phone book.

You will see many different types of businesses that your area may not have. Now the creative juices can start flowing as you think of your particular area, will this or that work where I live?  Can I do this or that?  How much would it cost to start it up?  What would the projections be in profits?

For me this is the fun part.  Taking it from a thought to figuring out the details and cost,  then imagining it working.  I have even visited some of the out of town businesses just to view what they are doing, to see first hand how it all works.  I have asked the owners to tell me the ups and downs of their businesses and you would be surprised at just how eager most of them are to talk to you and tell you their story. Remember, if you pull the trigger on a certain business idea, their story will become your story soon.  You will encounter some of the same challenges they did and learn from the mistakes that others have made. You will be ahead of the game.

If you think there are no business¬†opportunities available today, think again.¬†¬† Next time you do a little traveling just go for the phone book and read the yellow pages.¬† If there are no more yellow pages as they are one by one swallowed by the Internet, go there. Walk a round a little and you’ll never know, your next step just may be turning on the “open” sign of your new business.

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