How to Fish for Whiting

Springtime offers some of the best whiting fishing of the year on and around Amelia Island.

How to Fish for Whiting

How to Fish for Whiting

Springtime offers some of the best whiting fishing of the year. This ubiquitous Drum related species are a great way to pass the time while sitting in the boat or beach chair anticipating a hungry Black Drum attack. Whiting rarely exceed three pounds which make them the perfect size for pan frying and fresh dead shrimp are the bait of choice. I recommend using a medium action outfit spooled with 15 to 20 pound test, sounds a tad heavy but that extra size comes in handy if you should hook a Drum, which will invariably hit the lightest rod you have deployed. You can use 30 pound flourocarbon leader and just enough barrel sinker to reach the bottom and a #1 kahle hook and still be able to finesse a hefty Drum to the boat. Go as light as you like on the tackle if you only wish to catch whiting. The most common error is not reaching the bottom with your offering and not using FRESH shrimp, preferably peeled. You also don’t need a whole shrimp. A small piece works better as it is harder for bottom feeders to pull it off the hook.

As long as the tide is moving the versitile whiting should be biting. The last of the incoming and first of the outgoing tides will provide the best Drum action around the full moon.

This week a fishing and surfing friend of mine reported that as he was floating around on his surfboard awaiting the next set of waves he was overcome with a strange vibrating sound which resonated up through his board. Before having a heart attack, he realized that he was near a school of Black Drum in the process of “Drumming”. These Drum can be caught from the surf and regularly can exceed 70 pounds.

If you are interested in pursuing any of the above mentioned species of fish aboard the “Cleansweep” charterfishing boat, please contact me, Captain Jim Wormhoudt, at (904) 753-0882.

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