How to go Metal Detecting on Amelia Island

If you’ve spent anytime at all exploring the beaches of Amelia Island you know first hand of the entire neat treasures one can find. Large shark’s teeth, neat shells, drift wood and sea glass. Other treasures that are often undiscovered are the ones buried in the sand and out of view. To find treasures such as these a metal detector is needed. Metal detectors have been around for many years hunting both the inland areas as well as the beaches of Amelia Island. If you’ve never been metal detecting then you don’t know what you’re missing or the modern day jewels you may be walking past.

First you need to purchase a metal detecting machine. Metal detectors can rang in prices from $100.00 to several thousand dollars. The more complex the machine the more it will cost. For the novice treasure hunter start out with a used or lower end unit to get started, the inexpensive machine will work great for this type of hunting. Familiarize yourself with the machine understanding its limitations and sounds it makes when detecting a metallic object. This is best done by tossing several coins on the ground and running the machine over them. It’s also a good idea to bury a coin in the sand several inches to know just how deep your machine will detect. Now that you have your machine and understand how it works finding the best beaches to hunt is just as important.

You want to choose a beach that has lots of daily beach goers. This would include the areas from main beach south to the Amelia Island Plantation. These beaches will be rich with loose change, gold jewelry, rings watches and other neat items forgotten about when the time comes to pack up and go home. Plan your outings late in the afternoon after most of the days traffic has come and gone paying close attention to the parts of the beach normal beach goers would set up for the day. Other times that produce lots of finds are during the low tide mark. Amelia Island has 2 low and 2 high tides per 24 hour day. Each tide has a 6-8’ tidal range exposing lots of beach during the lower tides and allows this part of the beach to be hunted during these tides.

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