How to Remove a Fish Hook from a Person

If you fish a lot, you need to know how to remove a fish hook from a person.

fish-hookIf you have ever been fishing you know the sharpness of a fish hook, especially the ones used for King fishing, but do you know how to remove a fish hook from a person? These guys are super sharp and normally a treble hook (3 hooks in 1) designed to do just one thing, hook fish. The unfortunate part is the hooks don’t know what they are hooking and should you get too close, they’ll go right through your skin.

Odds are if you fish a lot, sooner or later this is bound to happen to you, but if you know the correct methods of field removal you can get the hook out and go right back to fishing. Should this ever happen to you or someone you’re with, start by cutting the line that is tied to the hook. Carefully double loop some line around the shank of the hook (also known as the curve) and make it tight. Now comes the intense part, have the person who is hooked push down of the eye of the hook till it meets the skin as this will help in keeping the barb clear for removal. The “friend” or “helper” now has the task of giving the line a firm yank and the hook will pop out, it’s that simple. This is such an easy assignment that many people will go about their normal day as it nothing ever happened.

Another scenario is if the hook enters and exits the skin. Although this type of injury is a little more painful it’s still easy to remove without the aid of an emergency room. Simply cut the hook behind the barb and push the hook back through. Anytime you get cuts, scrapes or injuries from fish hooks make sure you clean the wound out well with peroxide and antibacterial soap, the last thing you want is a nasty infection. After the cut is cleaned and dried coat it well with Neosporin and watch it closely for several days paying close attention for redness or excessive soreness, which usually means infection and may require a trip to the doctor.

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