Hunting for Sharks Teeth

Hunting for Sharks Teeth
By: Jamie D.

If you haven’t had the thrill of hunting for sharks teeth on Amelia Island then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Sharks teeth and lots of other really neat and unusual shells can be readily found on any beach on Amelia Island year round. However, right now is by far the best time to be out on the beach looking for the artifacts of the deep due to the dredging efforts that are currently underway just offshore. The sand that is removed from Cumberland Sound and the channel leading to the Atlantic is being pumped back onto the beaches at the North end of Amelia Island and with this sand comes many treasures that have been buried and lost in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

So how does one go about becoming a seasoned shark tooth hunter? First is location. The best beaches to comb are located at the North end of Amelia Island from Ft. Clinch to Main Beach. This area is great due to its proximity to Cumberland Sound and has always produced more and better quality finds when it comes to sharks teeth. The lower tide is always your best bet because you have more beach to search and the area near the waters edge gives up the most treasures as the sand is constantly be washed and sifted through.

Clothing should be loose fitting and cool but offer protection from the sun, even in the winter months. No sun burn is fun regardless of the time of year. If you must wear sunglasses make sure they are polarized as they will not distort the light and reflections a sharks tooth will have. If your glasses are anything less than polarized leave them in the car as they will only cause you to overlook the goods you came to find. Lastly is patience. Hunting for sharks teeth is an art and for the beginner patience is needed to get good at knowing what to look for and what where to look in a given area. One hint I will share with you, if this is your first time buy several sharks teeth from a local store down town or one of the surf shops at the beach. Now go to the beach and toss your purchased teeth among the shells and sand to just to get a feel for what you’re looking for.

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