I always said that Paris Loves Us

SearchAmelia received a restaurant submission with a surprise, this restaurant is located in the heart of one of my favorite hang out areas in the world, the Montmartre 1st Arrondissement in Paris France.

Bisous from SearchAmelia

Bisous from SearchAmelia

While working on finishing and fine tuning SearchAmelia’s new Amelia Island restaurant review site this morning, I received a restaurant submission with a surprise. The restaurant¬† in question is located in the heart of one of my favorite hang out areas in the world, the Montmartre 1st Arrondissement in Paris France. You know where Place du Tertre meets the l”Opera and life’s most valuable time is spend people watching.

Call me childish, but just to get a submission to SearchAmelia from Paris, France gives me the chills, knowing that we are making inroads into the heart and soul of French cuisine. It’s cool at least.

Here is the following email to show you that it is legit.

From:       publisher@searchamelia.com
Subject:    A review from sathees
Date:        October 5, 2009 11:49:14 AM EDT
To:            webmaster@fortunebound.com, lizkay@searchamelia.com,   editor@searchamelia.com
Reply-To:       promenadelounge@gmail.com

A new submission (form: “Submit Establishment”)
Submitted on: October 5, 2009
Via: http://restaurants.searchamelia.tv/submit-bar-restaurant/

By (visitor IP).
———————Submit Establishment—————–

Your Name:                      sathees
Email:                          promenadelounge@gmail.com
Website:                      http://www.promenadelounge.com

Name Establishment:             Promenade Newyorkais
44 rue du louvre
75001 paris
Type of Establishment:          Bar-Restaurant
Cost p/p Main course and drink: Inexpensive (below $15)
Local, visiting or Owner:        Local
Recommend Friends:            Yes

—–Please be as descriptive as possible in your comment-

Your Review:

The Promenade lounge Restaurant is a long-running favourite in a part of Paris that’s traditionally come alive at night, the 1th arrondissment between the Opera and Montmartre. This lively corner venue has a fantastic ambience and a warm welcome and that indescribable thing that makes people let loose and have a great time. The décor is pseudo-retro-American with chrome bits and Route 66 memorabilia, comfy banquettes and a great curving bar to gather around. The innovative menu features dishes like mushroom ravioli with basil crème, and Indian lamb and creamed spinach with basmatic rice. The drinks are a universe unto themselves. There are djs and the doors don’t shut until two in the morning.
Q&A:                            green

Wow, that goes way back into my personal history when Paris in the mid-late sixties was one of my “stomping” grounds. I played guitar and sang on Place du Tertre among the painters and pierots, the magicians and musicians. It was magic.

So permit me to share my enthusiasm about the fact that Promenade Newyorkais found SearchAmelia and found us worthy to submit their restaurant to our review site Amelia Bites. It’s an honor in my book.
I think we’ll leave it up (for now) even though it’s 4,000 miles across the ocean.

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  1. Hal_Burns

    Ahhh, the city of lights. It has been many years ago that I was last in Paris. I think it may be time to consider a trip there. After reading this article I found myself doing an Internet search of Paris and looking at all the wonderful sights. Yes, I do need to return, and soon. Thanks SearchAmelia for re-awaking that travel lust once again.

  2. Publisher

    Funny that you mention it. I have all at once a tremendous hankering for that fine establishment called Roger Grenouille, the finest place in the world to dine on frog legs in 50 different ways. I want to spend a day or two in Quartier Latin and deeply inhale the wisdom of the Sorbonne or wake up on a bench near Les Halles and sing out loud: “Il est cinq heures, Paris s'eveille” that beautiful song by Jacques Dutronc. I can see the milk trucks over the cobble stoned crossing over the Seine River on Pont Neuf, which is the oldest bridge in Paris, yet its name means New Bridge. You know Hal I just might beat you to it.

  3. Hal_Burns

    I hope you do beat me to it, but I will try and out do you on this and get there before you do. The last time I was in this great city of lights was 1966. I know, I know, the tower was just in the planning stage, right? I have ben back to Europe since then but not to Paris. I am planning on a return trip though. Now wouldn't it be cool to meet up over there, thanks to Search Amelia?

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