I am going to be real serious about CPM

Adopt a simple lifestyle change to accomplish new year's resolutions. It's called CPM

Nature is only about Critical Production Mode

The first thing we people do every year is make a new list of “resolutions”. Well not necessarily new, as most of us repeat the list we have put together over the years with maybe a small addition of the current flavor of the day. We’ll try for for about 3 weeks to eat a bit healthier, walk or exercise a bit, set new professional or income goals, spend some more time with loved ones, quit this or that bad habit and if you’re really adventurously full of yourself, you’ll actually take a piece of paper, write it all down and share it with someone in the hope that they will keep you on the straight and narrow to your goals. By the time Spring comes around we have all but forgotten about them and often pass the feeling of failure off to “time or circumstances weren’t right”.

Well I got news, if you can handle the truth; life doesn’t happen that way, because it always gets in the way of the best laid plans, often because these plans are too ambitious and require for you to become a different person. I overheard a conversation at last night’s New Year’s Eve party where two young couples were discussing the fact that you first have to be happy with yourself before you can enter a happy relationship. Even though I have learned over a lifetime that there are exceptions to this rule, the generality of it is absolutely correct.

I took me years to understand that, until several years ago I went to a seminar where a true Internet Marketing Expert by the name of Alex Mandossian spent an hour explaining the concept of CPM – Criticial Production Mode and the life changing essence.

The simplicity of the concept is mindblowing: spend at least your first thirty minutes every morning on your highest priority goal. Never mind what that goal is, spend the first 30 minutes every day on accomplishing it.
If it’s exercise, a walk, swimming, cycling, don’t take a shower before you have done it. If it is working on a lifelong dream of creating something, spend the first 30 minutes on it. It’s a minimum of 3.5 hours a week or 175 hours over the year (I give you two weeks off). That is quite a lot of time to set real change in motion.

However there is a huge BUT attached to CPM…you cannot be distracted or disturbed from it. You CANNOT let anybody interrupt your process of accomplishment. Period. CPM is sanctity. Now when I talk or write about the accomplishments and necessities of a Critical Production Mode, I get a lot of people explaining that their life’s rhythm does not allow for a CPM. There are the kids that need to get ready to go to school or there is that early morning meeting or briefing, or the car needs to go to the garage or the doctor’s appointment could only be made at an early hour, or I have to fly out of town – valid reasons to interrupt a an early morning ritual, but not a valid reason to not do it. Those can be accepted excuses for breaking the CPM routine, but there are plenty of occasions during that same day to catch up on your 30 minutes.

If I seriously want to accomplish something I go with Nike’s “Just Do It”. And armed with the knowledge that there is always ” that road to hell that is paved with good intentions”, I moved my Critical Production Mode out of the danger zone of interruption: I get up 30 minutes earlier! Well to be fair, my CPM is now about 2 hours.
Yet by the time the world around me wakes up, I already walk around with a sense of accomplishment.

So for the New Year, you may try to set your personal sights on something you have always wanted to accomplish and than create the production mode that does not distract. Contrary to popular belief it takes 6 weeks, not 18 days, to form a habit, simply because it takes that long for your environment to catch on with the new circumstance. Critical Production Mode is serious, but it works. And it works best if you start out the day with it. Just get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful, because that is distraction.

If you start today, you’ll be a pro by Valentine’s Day and have truly accomplished a meaningful change. Personally I have 3 manuscripts that saw first daylight in 1994/1995. I think it’s time to include them in my CPM for the finishing touch.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Spiritual 2011 and never forget that true happiness comes from creativity and helping others.

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