Local writer, entrepreneur, Pétanque aficionado, father and grandfather James Weinsier, shares musings, poems and insights from his published bundle "More...Thoughts.

PatienceBe patient with the Elderly;
Their shoes will fit real soon
Think “Do unto Others…”
Before slighting their Tune

Be patient in the check out line in the retails stores
For fast or slow the Progress
There will still be Open Doors

Be patient with the Elderly when strolling in the Park
Their days are getting shorter
As nearer draws the Dark.



Be patient with the Elderly when you’re behind the Wheel
A slightly slower ride
Enhances Arrival’s Zeal

Show Kindness to the Elderly, when they are not “All There”
With a little Understanding,
You’ll be none the worse for Wear

Be patient in your Daily Life and Savor each moment too
The days that go so fast
Will take all of you to get Through.

Imagine what it must be like to know the Day is Near
When Time will stop Forever and you’ll never have to hear:
“Hurry-Up!”, Come on let’s Go!” “I’ve better things to do”
Those catchy impatient phrases YOU Used Before YOU Knew.

From “More Thoughts” by James F. Weinsier, available at Llumina Press

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