Importance of Emergency Lights

Emergency lights play a significant role during emergencies or disasters.

Importance of Emergency LightsWhen lights are out due to electricity failure or power outage in the modern building, the battery-backed emergency light will automatically turn on. This lighting device is a common and standard feature in most commercial buildings as well as buildings that high residential occupancy (like condos, schools, dormitories, etc.). In most of the building codes, the government requires the installation of emergency lights. From that perspective, one can quickly deduce the importance of having emergency light even for a residential setup. If the government requires a building to have one, then it is significant and all the more reason for you to have one in your home.

The modern emergency lights
The emergency lights today comprise of at least one incandescent bulb or light-emitting diodes/LED (which are high in intensity. The lighting heads are commonly either wedge base lamps or PAR 36 sealed beams. Every unit contains reflectors needed for focusing and intensifying the light produced. Most of the individual sources of light can be rotated and then aimed to particular place where light is much needed during an emergency like the path towards fire exits. These emergency lights are being operated with a reasonably low voltage, which is from six to 12 volts. This low voltage translates to smaller size of batteries needed and therefore minimal load on the circuit system.

Why Emergency Lights are Important?
There are many reasons why emergency lights are required by the government with their building codes and mostly, it points to safety during an emergency situation or danger.

Here are some reasons:
• Safety is the number one reason. During a power outage, emergent event or even as worse as a disaster, it is important to distance human lives from any dangerous and hazardous areas. If the lighting system in that area is poor during those times, the emergency lights can provide ample lighting and helps in saving lives. The lighting can also aid in avoiding sudden fire hazard or explosion in the event that combustible liquids or gases are present.
• Emergency lights can serve as the automatic solutions to darkness. It is designed in that way. With the right positioning of the emergency lighting, it will allow individuals to be easily identified and to identify the pathways.
• Emergency lights can also help in search and rescue operations. During an emergency or disaster event, a properly placed emergency light can help rescuer find victims. These lights can guide the rescuer on their path, similar to these lights guiding the victims to move around the building or any structure.
• With emergency lighting present, there will be psychological advantages for the individuals such as landmark recognition, site identification, allows individual to visually observe their locations and people around them for safety reason and provides comfort to those with fear of darkness.

The fact that emergency lights have significant roles in the lives of humans and no one knows when these fixtures will be needed, it is also of equal important to give it regular maintenance in order to ensure that it will operate when emergency occurs.

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