Important Safety Features your Automobile Must Have

In an era with powerful and fast cars it's important to look closer at the safety features offered when you buy your next car.

Important Safety features your automobile must haveWhen it comes to being safe on the road of today you can’t just rely on your own skills and driving ability to keep you out of harm’s way. In an era with powerful and fast cars it’s important that when buying your next car, you look closer at the safety features it has to offer you. If you have no idea where to start and what to look for then don’t panic as we are going to show you what you need to be looking for and why.

Air Bags
First and foremost any car without air bags is an accident waiting to happen and all cars these days have to have these as a standard protocol. The only addition in recent years is that airbags have become slightly more advanced in how they can protect you. For instance, newer cars will have knee bags and side bags that will prevent you from being ejected from the car should it barrel roll, and keep your knee caps in one piece upon impact.

Antilock Brakes
Again, these have been a part of modern day cars for the past 10-15 years but constant improvements in technology has allowed drivers to better control their vehicles when ABS becomes active upon braking. Steering control and excellent stopping distances could be the matter of life and death, so always make sure ABS is as standard.

In Car Camera’s
These can be purchased separately nowadays but many new cars have cameras and sensors that show the driver what is behind them. This will help you judge parking gaps but more importantly you will be able to see anything that happens to move behind your car, whether it’s a child running after a ball or a dog. This vital component is making waves in the automobile industry.

Your tire pressure monitoring system is one of the newest additions you will see to a car that has just come off the production line. Within the last ten years cars with a TPMS sensor have gone a long way in not just helping driver’s safety by notifying them of their tire pressure so they can keep them inflated, but also cost saving with fuel consumption. Tires that aren’t properly inflated can lead to accidents through handling problems, and some can blow out.

Seat Belts
They may seem like an obvious thing but before driving your car away you should check that the seat belts all fasten together correctly, and clip in. If you are struggling to clip in a seat belt then it’s not worth driving anywhere are the consequences should anything happen on that trip could be catastrophic.

Traction Control Systems
During icing weather, or huge down pours of rain your car can find it difficult to maintain traction on the surface of the road. In these conditions a traction control button can be pressed on modern day cars which will allow the car maximum traction on the road during adverse weather conditions.

Child Safety Latch
Finally, we should be looking at safety for children, even if you may not have children of your own – you could always be asked to help a family member out on a journey with theirs. LATCH systems are designed to offer children the maximum amount of safety, by making sure seats and belts are installed and working to maximum efficiency.

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