Island Life

Island Life
Amelia Island is best known as the birth place to the modern shrimping industry. My ancestors came to this country from Greece during the turn of the century as master craftsmen in boat building. Commercial shrimping boats during this early time were small and very limited as to the seas they could stand and the amount of shrimp they could hold on any given fishing trip. This all changed as these pioneers built and introduced the super trawler we all know today as a shrimp boat.

Modern day shrimp boats can be found moored along the waterfront in down town Fernandina year round. Despite the hard work and heavy regulations on this type of fishing there are still many boats actively working and families making their living from commercial fishing. During the early to mid 1900’s Fernandina housed many shrimp processing plants that canned and shipped fresh Fernandina shrimp all over the world. Although these processing plants have long since been closed the presence of a once powerful industry still remains as a rich heritage here on Amelia Island.

Fall is a great time of year for shrimp and Amelia Island becomes overwhelmed with the amount of fresh local shrimp available. The prices for shrimp sold fresh off the boat are better than the charges a grocery store would ask and the quality of the shrimp, well is doesn’t get any fresher.

Locals who anticipate the shrimp run will here on Amelia Island will often get prepared for low country boils and shrimp fry’s. This is a great time to have friends and family over to enjoy not only good local fresh seafood but to take advantage of another perk of living on Amelia Island.

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