Island Stucco and Gutters

Island Stucco & Gutters has been operating from Fernandina Beach, Florida for nearly 20 years.

Island Stucco & Gutters has been operating from Fernandina Beach, Florida for nearly 20 years. Owner Ripp Mixon takes pride in his work and the quality can be seen on over 150 homes on S. Fletcher Avenue alone!

Specializing in smooth finished stucco, he is a Jack of all Trades when it comes to anything exterior. I found it comforting to know that he will do small jobs, too.

As a local, Mixon knows living on an island makes our homes vulnerable to the salt air and NE winds and says many homes need a new paint job every 2 – 4 years.

When you live near the beach, you get lots of company and one of the first things my friends from up north notice is there are no gutters on the majority of the homes in Florida. Which is funny because it rains so often here. My house doesn’t have gutters and there are a couple of areas where I need to have the water diverted and this is something Ripp can fix for me. He also installs seamless gutters that come in 14 different colors!

The older I get, the less I want to climb a ladder, especially to the second story on the exterior of my home. (I don’t get on my roof anymore either.) Island Stucco & Gutters will gladly take care of those little “Honey-Do” chores.

Here are some of the services he offers:

    -New Stucco
    -Stucco Repairs (any size)
    -Pressure Washing
    -Water Proofing & Caulking
    -Exterior Painting
    -Exterior Cleaning
    -Seamless Gutters (14 different colors)
    -Vinyl Repairs
    -Stone Work
    -Chimney Work (inside or out)
    -Fence Repair
    …and anything else you can think of, I’m sure!

For 20 years, this locally owned and operated business has been taking care of your neighbor’s homes, why not call him to help you take care of yours? His number is (904) 277-3018 and he will give you a FREE estimate.

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    Nice Article, where did you get the picture?….

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    The house belongs to a friend of ours in Georgia. We call it their “McMansion.” LOL

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    Still waiting for you to come and finish the job. Cal me 904-432-8379

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    You should contact them directly.

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