It is Friday and I Have a Craving for Chocolate

Chocolate goes a long and healthful way in your dietary intake. Just ask soldiers what they carry in their back pack.

It's a Date Peterbrook at 5pm today

It's a Date Peterbrook at 5pm today

Not that I don’t have those cravings on many other weekdays and weekends, but after spending hours on video editing and music selections, dealing with so many hot shot chocolate frames, this craving is not unusual… and guess what? Today, everyone of you out there has the opportunity to go and taste some real Peterbrook Fernandinachocolate because from 5-7:30 pm a pre-Valentine Chocolate and Wine Party will start off your weekend like no other combination of sinful indulgence can ever do.

If you need to get in the mood, but I can hardly imagine that, you may want to start with the one minute video found below and grab a tissue to wipe your mouth. See how a huge strawberry is dipped and decorated and then watch how a bottle of your favorite wine is dipped, decorated and gift wrapped for that unusually tasty treat called a Chocolate and Wine Party.

Oh and I selected an old old Billy Holiday song for the video called “No Regrets”. I guess you can figure out why.  Peterbrook Fernandina is taking the indulgence in chocolate to an entirely different level that now allow us to consume, guilt-free, chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a midnight snack.

See you at 5:00 PM in the Publix Shopping Center… I may be a little early.

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  1. tommylee

    So chocolate tasting it's going to be.

  2. John Wheelwright

    My chocolate covered dreams kept me restless last night. I'll be there…my health depends on it.

  3. ameliadude

    Something about that video has me craving chocolate, popcorn and strawberries with a bottle of wine. Maybe we will be there tonite also!!!

  4. Ameliaprivateeye

    Mmmm – Dark chocolate and Blackbeard's Blackberry Wine – yummy!

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