Japanese Rice Art

Japanese Rice Field Art: What an incredible precision talent to start the process and then let nature finish the masterpiece.

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The dictionaries are not very precise when it comes to formulating a clear description for art and that is probably smart as art is an expression in the eye of the beholder and definitions for the word are as as diverse as the expressions.

Art does not necessarily have to be equated with time or ages. These days and probably for all of human history, Art is often seasonal or even momentary. We cannot question the art of the coffee shop barista when he or she paints a portrait in the foam of your cappuccino. Even though the enjoyment is very personal and consumed in a matter of minutes.

I have admired many artforms over the course of 50 years, and always found it fabulously special when it concerned a fine-tuned study of cooperation between nature and man. A balance of timing, talent and precision.

Look at these Japanese rice fields and how they transform over the period of one harvest season. When the farmers are planting the rice plants, nothing unusual shows. But as the growing season moves forward, an incredible spectacle of beauty unfolds on a magnificent scale, as the fields turn into Rembrandts and van Goghs of Japanese culture and heritage.

But these artists don’t use paint or toners; they use rice plants.

For thousands of years already Japanese Rice farmers plant various rice specimen, carefully adhering to huge scale images, unveiling enormous paintings by the time harvest season comes around.
Nourishment for mind and body, a true human accomplishment.

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