Klinch to Perform at Courtyard Nights

The original Rock-N-Roll band, Klinch will perform at the courtyard Nights series on November 14, 2008 at 7:30 pm. This band is made up of members who attended Yulee and Fernandina Beach schools. Their name of course, comes from our own, Ft. Clinch!

Klinch recently placed as finalists in a record company competition in Nashville, TN.

Light refreshments will be available, the admission is free – and the show goes on no matter the weather at the FCCJ Betty P. Cook campus in Yulee, located near I-95. Call 548-4432 for information or directions.

I stole the following information from their myspace page:

Klinch has risen out of many things among the ashes. After “growing up” in other musical projects Chris Walton, Blaine Dickinson, Jeremy Gregory, Jonathan Foster and Brock Dickinson decided it was time for a new beginning and Klinch was born. Immediately the fingers went to frets and sticks and pen went to paper. We started writing and recording (sometimes at the same time) because we knew we were under the gun. People want music in their hands not only on the screen.

Although we are fairly new to the ears, the last thing we want to do is make an old sound. We want to write songs that deal with things that people relate to and play them in a way that stays with them when the music stops. So we try and wrap blazing guitar riffs, with chest pounding drums and bass around words/vocals that no matter who you are, you “feel” the music. If you feel the music it means a whole lot more. So this 6 song project we have called “Bridges and Breakdowns” is gonna give you everything you want. And the live show will give you more.

Five guys who grew up together in northeast Florida who named their band after “Fort Clinch” and the word, definitely deserves to be checked out. Listen to our stuff, come to a show. If you don’t like it, we don’t care. If you do, then you just became some of the first of hopefully many. So help support us, add a song, buy a CD at a show and come to the next one rock out and sing till you don’t have a voice.

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