Last Minute Fernandina Budget Politics

Are you kidding me? Look at some of the items up for discussion! Thank you Commissioner Childers!

Fernandina Beach Budget DecisionsHave your opinions heard if you are at all interested in the Fernandina Beach budget political agenda!

Agenda for the City Commission Budget Workshop on August 29th, 2011 at 5:30 PM, City Commission Chambers.


The following comments are from Commissioner Childers:

I have forwarded these observations to the City Manager for comment and will review at tomorrows budget workshop, if you would like a follow up to this email just let me know.

Warmest Regards,
Eric Childers

Budget talks 08/29/2011
Beach Preservation; Is Still not funded, this is the single most important reason I am willing to assign an ad-valorum increase.

Parks and Recreation:
The Parks and Rec departments rates for non-city residents have not been discussed enough.

Utilities Department:
Reductions in staff within the Utilities department coupled with rate increases for non city residents have not been addressed to my satisfaction.

Commissioners Pay:
I think it is a mistake to reduce the compensation of the Commissioner by 20% without grand-fathering this reduction, as it is highly unlikely that any future Commission will restore it to it’s current levels. Furthermore, I believe it is unhealthy to position our Commission in such a way, that only retired people or the highly successful find it attractive to run for office. I believe we need a diverse commission to best represent our community. We are a Port town, a Mill town, a Military town, a retirement community and a Tourist town. No one can argue that $12,000.00 per annum is exorbitant. I would further suggest we consider an increase for a second term. We the citizens of Fernandina Beach make a significant investment in each Commissioner we elect via; on the job training, Florida League of Cities Membership and no one can deny there is a learning curve. Relatively few Commissioners seek a second term so I think we should consider compensating second term Commissioner’s at a rate that makes it a little more attractive. Say $16,000.00 per year. By election we can decide whether or not a Commissioner deserves a raise.

Interlocal agreement;
Renegotiate this agreement with the county

Storm water Funding:
I am not going to be creating a new tax or fee to fund Storm water improvements.

Employee’s comments;

1. Eliminate Christmas Party $6,000.00
2. Eliminate Janitorial Services $30,000.00
3. Eliminate Safety jackpot program $13,000.00
(This is worth $49,000.00)

4. Utilities Department is not showing the same kind of sacrifice as the rest or the City Departments.
5. Cost analysis for heating pool at Atlantic Rec Center in Winter.
6. What… taxidermied Animals?
7. What remodeling?
8. Centralize Purchasing, I’ve heard this before, why are we not doing it?
9. Explore 4 day 10 hour workweek. We’ve discussed this before.
10. Justify Phone system replacement
11. Install lockable, programmable thermostats
12. Jeremiah needs to provide a cost benefit analysis for take home vehicles also paying mileage for other vehicles or car allowances for other vehicles in the fleet. Also, extending the service life of vehicles because of quality improvements and civilian vehicles being retained longer.
13. Justify position in HR from pay classification 128 to 130?
14. What about the Lap-top question of preferred vendor in the IT department?
15. Discontinue paying for certifications that are not directly related to position.
16. Limit Cell phones taken home to key-supervisors and on-call employees, fire non-key supervisors.
17. Kronos cost benefit analysis
18. Justify 6 supervisors in Parks and Rec
19. Justify Airport assistant
20. Consider cost benefit to privatize CDD
21. Justify no reduction in staff
22. Shop health insurance
23. What about that fence at Ybor field
24. Can we as Commissioners rotate writing letters monthly to submit to the Newleader, SearchAmelia, Folio Weekly, the City website and any other publication that comes to mind?

Next year’s Union negotiations;
-Uniform cleaning budgets ($110,000.00) are exorbitant considering most are wearing shorts and/or tees.
-Reduce PTO to one week after 1st year, two weeks after 2nd year, one month paid -vacation a year is not consistent with civilian counter parts
-Eliminate Fire Department Christmas Pay out Program

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  1. Ameliaprivateeye

    A $6,000 Christmas Party? 

  2. Anonymous

    I just wrote this whole essay on the airport and now I notice under point 19 that even the Airport Assistant- part-timer I think is under observation??!! The official operational budget states there are 47,000 traffic handlings a year at the Airport. Who’s going to do that now? Or are they just flying in and out on auto pilot?

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