Learning Community Shrimp Cooking Classes

Shrimp inspired cooking classes available at The Learning Community of North Florida.

Learning Community Shrimp Cooking Classes

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You are most likely very excited to head downtown this weekend to check out the art, entertainment, pirates and craziness that surrounds Shrimp Festival each year. For those of you that like to eat (and who doesn’t!) you might want to consider taking one of The Learning Community of North Florida’s cooking classes rather than waiting in a long line for something greasy on a paper plate. They are reasonably close (on the corner of S 8th and Gum streets) to the Shrimp Festival epicenter, but far enough away enough for you to park comfortably in our lot.

Here is their line-up of shrimp related classes for the weekend:

    -On Friday night before the Pirate Invasion and fireworks, stop by for a light Shrimp Appetizer class at 6 PM.
    -On Saturday, check out the vendors on Centre Street and then come by for our Shrimp Soups and Salads class at 12:30 PM.
    -If you like to sleep in a bit, check out the sites and then come to our Shrimp and Seafood Delights class at 3 PM.
    -If you plan to spend all day at the festival, stop by for a relaxing Scrumptious Shrimp class at 6 PM.
    -Finally, on Sunday – if you haven’t had your fill of shrimp yet- stop by at 10:30 AM for our Shrimp for Breakfast! class.

As always, come hungry. Chef Heather Chafin will show you how to prep these dishes on site and give you the recipes for making them again and again on your own.

The best way to sign up for the classes is online – visit the website to register. You can also call, but since they will be working fast and furious on their own Shrimp Festival activities, you may need to leave us a message. They can also be reached for questions by email (nancy@tlcnf.com).

As a special treat for those attending their Shrimp Fest inspired classes, they will be giving away a certificate for a FREE cooking class for you or anyone else you want to give it to!

Of course if you are not into the festivities Amelia Island is offering up this weekend, rest assured, Monday will come and the island will slowly return to normal!!!

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