PRESS RELEASE: Local author Donnalee Overly’s second book in the Knot Series, The Zeppelin Bend: Unraveling the Knot of deception, has recently been released. The Knot Series Trilogy gives a voice to women’s issues. Gabriella King (Gabby), daughter of a wealthy Texas rancher and a talented artist, uses her brush and canvas to voice her emotions. In the first book in the series, Gabriella King (Gabby) paints her anguish and confusion after an assault by someone she knows.
This second book, The Zeppelin Bend: unraveling the knot of deception, tackles another difficult and emotional topic, an unplanned pregnancy, a life-changing condition that millions of women confront daily around the globe. An unwanted pregnancy can leave a woman vulnerable as options are painful and racked with confusion and guilt. Life throws Gabby a curve when she discovers the father of her unborn child is her ex-boyfriend, a man now running for political office, someone whom she no longer loves. To hide her pregnancy, she flees the state unable to find her voice and avoids revealing her dilemma to Brett, the love of her life.

Don’t miss this critical episode in Gabby’s life as she learns if true love can survive gross acts of deception.

DonnaLee Overly graduated from St Petersburg, FL, College in 1983 with an A.S. in Nursing and she worked as a critical care nurse for 20 years before pursuing a degree in studio art from the University of Texas, Austin in 2005. After observing the positive response to her exhibitions that expressed her personal struggles through art and words, DonnaLee created The Knot Series to further her passion for providing people with storylines that are engaging and immersive.

The Zeppelin Bend, published by Giro di Mondo (Amelia Island), is available in trade paperback and the Book is available at local independent bookstores and online at Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and Amazon.

DonnaLee is a member of The Florida Writer’s Association and The Writer’s League of Texas. Look for the third novel, The Hitch: knots that bind, Summer 2019. Visit the author at or follow her on Facebook@ DonnaLee Overly Author.