Main Beach Has Always Been an Amelia Island Favorite Attraction

now-and-then-main-beachMy memories of the beach have always revolved around main beach, the activity that was always happening at The Blue Seas Restaurant, The Golden Sands, (Sandy Bottoms today), the Skating Rink and of course Moore’s Grocery. Mr. Moore ran one of the finest meat markets and would prepare pork and beef roast with his special seasoning and marinade. Mrs. Moore held the record for catching the largest Black Drum fish and it was mounted in the store. This was one busy store, not only in the summer but all year long.

The Blue Seas had what I consider the best cheese burgers in the world along with the best crab cakes, I still have Mr. Bowers recipe for crab cakes. Fernandina has always been the place to go to enjoy one of the finest beaches in the world and those who visited here made memories that last a lifetime.

Today main beach is still the center of attraction. Sandy Bottoms and Putt Putt still offer a taste of the past along with the warm ocean and beautiful beaches. I have added a couple of pictures of main beach and Moore’s Grocery around the late 1940’s and what main beach looks like today.

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