Make Some Noise While You’ve Still Got Time

Life inspires to expose your talents to the world's needs. The crossroads where they meet marks your destiny.

Do not hide your talents from the world

Where Your Talents and the Worlds Needs meet, lies your destiny.

After a long life of shifting through the remnants of brief encounters and long relationships, be it friends, acquaintances, family members, colleagues and the likes, the conclusion is inevitable that there are actually only two types of people: Those who learn from life and pay attention to what it teaches, and those who believe they need to teach life what it needs to know.  Sure there is a third additional segment that lives in  the world of, “I don’t know.”, but for all intents and purposes, they really don’t count.

We all breathe the same air, have the same amount of time in the hours of the  day, experience pain and misery along with pleasure and abundance of joy. And yet for some reason, some people have less time than others and
are rushed, some are more miserable with the same amount of pain, some thrive and some lose with the same amount of opportunities.  Some blame others for everything that happens to them, others accept full responsibility and “take the bull by  the horns”.
Which are you?
No matter where you are or how much money you have in your pocket, all it takes for you to have a new outlook on life is to have a change of mind and develop a new philosophy that works better than the one you presently have. It is up to you to blow your own horn, to make yourself known to the world, to right the wrongs and to treat people decently. No one else is really going to blow your horn, or call your praises, or tell you what a wonderful person you are. Don’t wait for that which will not come anyway.
Blow your horn!  Announce your presence!  Make your talents known and put them to work!

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