Making it Bacon

Pigs provide yummy foods, but many people in the world are strictly forbidden from consuming pork or pork products.

Making it Bacon

Making it Bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon, sausage, ham, and pork chops? The recent article about National Pig Day caused me to reflect about all of the yummy foods that pigs provide. Sadly, there are many people in the world that are strictly forbidden from consuming pork or pork products.

My husband works in the Middle East and has to live without both pork and alcohol due to the religious views of the country. Recently, I discovered a website, Operation Bacon Salt that is trying to bring the taste of bacon to Americans who work in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. J & D’s makes Bacon Salt®, Baconnaise™ and Bacon Pop. They have created an initiative to provide Bacon Salt to the men and women serving overseas in foreign conflicts. It is called Operation Bacon Salt. The company is sending their products to troops overseas and making it possible to send them overseas at a discount. I have seen Bacon Salt and Baconnaise at our local grocery stores as well.

Bacon Salt is a zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian, and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon. It is great for people that are dieting and because these products are actually vegetable based, they are not offensive to religious beliefs, but serve to fulfill this company’s creed that “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon.”

I just sent my husband a mixed package that includes the Baconnaise, Bacon Pop, Bacon Salt as well as bacon flavored envelopes and lip balm! I hope he will appreciate it!

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  1. tommylee

    I guess the next package you have to send him Johnny Walker flavored napkins, Smirnoff flavored toothpicks and Mount Gay (my favorite) soaked raisins to “still” the other forbidden “hunger”.

    Hum, that leaves only one other shortcoming in his overseas dilemma…

  2. ameliadude

    Great way for those overseas to get thier bacon fix. Congrats to you Cindi for sending some to your husband!!!

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