Making Money by Marketing Churches
Making Money by Marketing Churches

I recently had a conversation with an individual who is very involved with a local church. As our conversation progressed he told me that the church was considering a new advertising campaign in an effort to increase attendance for Sunday services. In addition this effort was to drive awareness for a Wednesday evening class for newlyweds and couples who are engaged to be married, a class he happened to teach and had a real interest in seeing the program succeed. He informed me that the church had allotted several thousands of dollars for this promotion to identify target areas within the community, then mail them the appropriate advertising materials.

I suggested that instead of hiring someone to do this task, that he take this on himself as he knew exactly the type of people and families they were angling for. Not to mention that this individual had recently been cut from a full time job back to part time. I agreed to assist him as he got the venture up and running, and I offered suggestions as to how I thought it should operate.
First, we visited the local DMV and tax collectors offices for local information on the demographics in our area. We targeted certain developments, streets and generalized areas dissecting the different age groups, incomes, number of children and their current professions.

Another tool used was the church registry of past visitors and members that had not attended for some time to reintroduce the church to them. After all was set in motion I asked that my friend keep me informed on the overall success of his efforts and wished him well. Within a few months he invited me over for dinner and I was greeted by the biggest grin you’ve ever seen.

He explained that not only had the idea I gave him worked, but it had worked so well that he was asked to work on a contractual basis.  In addition to raising awareness for programs and events held by churches he incorporated fundraising ideas to generate much needed revenue.
Not only was he continuing the work for his church, but several others within the community had hired him to do the same amazing things.

The great thing about a home based business such as this is the clients will find you not the other way around. This idea we talked about in the parking lot of the local Wal-mart has turned out to become a full time position. Now, both he and his wife combined are making more money than his previous employment. If you have an interest in marketing and are affiliated with a church or not-forprofit organization, which are always in need for new members or fundraisers, consider offering your services as that person who is capable of carrying out that task. Make an offer to partner with them on a performance based schedule; they don’t pay unless you perform.
It’s a win-win for everyone and in the end you have created an additional income stream to your household.

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