Miss Shrimp Festival 2011 Pageant Video

Miss Shrimp Festival

Miss Shrimp Festival photo courtesy of Helmut Albrecht

Miss Shrimp Festival 2011 was crowned Friday night at the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival! 27 Young ladies entered this scholarship pageant hosted by the Hampton Inn and Suties, Amelia Island, Historic Harbor Front Hotel at the waterfront in historic Fernandina Beach.

Watch the video and see Kalynn Higginbotham receive the crown of Miss Shrimp Festival 2011!

With $1,000 scholarship prize and bragging rights, Miss Shrimp Festival will also make local appearances throughout the year representing Nassau County and the Shrimp Festival.

The contestants spent the month of April practicing and preparing for the annual contest.

In Thursday night’s pre-festival pirate parade, the women were chauffeured in boats provided by Redmond Boats and Yachts.

Local photographer, Helmut Albrecht took some fabulous images of the pageant that can be seen here: www.slicesoflife.photostockplus.com/shrimpfest_2011_pageant


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