Waterless Detailing saves water and time and hardens your vehicles finish
Waterless Detailing saves water and time and hardens your vehicles finish

Detailing cars has been a favorite of mine for a home based business because there are so many cars on the road and nobody ever has time to clean them. In times past, to do this type of business you had to use the traditional cleaning methods such as soap and water along with the chamois to dry the auto once washed.

This takes additional time and more importantly it takes a location to perform this task, making it more like a full time job than that of a business on the side. This has all changed with the introduction of Ultra Luster waterless car wash and polish. This revolutionary waterless car wash has changed the way we care for our cars, boats, motorcycles, RV’s and more by eliminating the need for water.

Waterless technology has been around for the past 15 years, but received very little in the way of press for several reasons; first there was no need to conserve water, at least so we thought, and second, earlier waterless washes worked poorly at best. Not so with Ultra Luster waterless car wash, which is based on space technology with polymer acrylic finishing.

I have written several articles on Ultra Luster and the many uses this wash and polish has, but today I want to introduce the business of detailing cars where they are located, without the need for anything else other than a few clean rags and a micro fiber cloth. This waterless wash is easy to use and safe on most all surfaces including glass and the black plastic trim found on many cars.

A few weeks ago my neighbor and good friend approached me one afternoon asking about a home based business he could do to make some extra income. Now first let me explain that this person is a professional in his field, wears a tie to work everyday, is secure in his job (well who is nowadays) and has a rather large family, that requires much of his spare time. We spoke briefly about his desire and time limits and I suggest he do mobile detailing a few days during the week after work. He purchased a few bottles of the Ultra Luster wash and a couple of micro fiber towels and said he would keep me posted on his success.

The end of the following week he was back again in need of additional waterless product and reported how well his part time venture was going. Not only had he been very successful right out of the gate on detailing cars, but he was asked to clean several private aircraft at our local airport and a large RV. He smiled big and said Jamie, “I made over $600.00 my first week alone just working 3 days in the afternoon”.

Consider this the only physical effort he made was 2.5 hours in the afternoon for 3 days totaling 7.5 hours, his total earnings were $600.00 making his hourly rate $80.00 per hour!  I know doctors and lawyers who don’t make that kind of money per hour and they have years of schooling behind them. His approach was simple and will work in any geographical area. He just went to professional centers with office workers present and offered his services of mobile detailing with no need to move the car.

Not only was he well received he ended up with literally more business than he could handle. In the process, a few of his customers requested he detail other assets they owned such as boats, planes and motorcycles. Now stop and think about this for a moment. All this business was generated with no business cards, flyers, mobile phones, office space or employees. The only investment he made was $50.00 in waterless product and made his services known. Mobile detailing can be very lucrative and is a business that anyone can take part in.

The product line can be acquired from www.paragoexports.com

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