By: Judie Mackie

Over development and a poor economy have guests, visitors and tourists on the receiving side of some deeply discounted vacation packages. Sadly, not enough folks are feeling confident about the economy and are hesitant to take advantage of the deals.

Keep in mind these hotels, motels, lodges and inns also have mortgage notes, employees and overhead to contend with. With continued discounts on rates you will likely see discounted quality of services as the lodging industry also tries to deal with cutting expenses.

I saw a story in the Wall Street Journal discussing the major reduction of businesses and attendees participating in trade shows. Knowledge for new products and services can be largely obtained on the World Wide Web and companies can save big money by cutting funds for these expensive road trips, and that is just one measurable indicator.

Conventions, trade shows, meetings, large festivals and personal vacations have contributed to the bottom line of our community for many years. We hope the goods ones make it thru this sluggish market by providing new and enticing ways of getting more “heads in beds” so our community businesses have every opportunity to prosper in this new year.