My Underwear is Too Big

My Underwear is Too Big

I'm Sorry! I soooo stole this image! LOL

When you lose weight there are plenty of things for people to talk about such as diet and exercise. There are also many things that folks don’t discuss, such as those unmentionables. Well I’ll say it, “All of my undergarments are now too big!”

Losing a substantial amount of weight can be expensive as you start to buy new, better fitting clothing. Yes, this includes the undergarments, too.

My old favorite underwear, that come in a package of six solid colors for a great price, now sag in the butt. This means I have to try different styles, brands, cuts, and fabrics until I find ones that I like. As a heavy woman, pretty undergarments were not plentiful in XXL. So I really don’t have much experience in purchasing the delicates. One thing I have recently learned is that ladies panties are expensive when you buy them one at a time! AND they are not something you can try on in the store’s fitting room first! So, I’ll buy one on sale to try while I wait for other styles to hit the sales rack. Finding a new favorite pair of underpants could take years at this rate!

It is not just the underpants either; bras, slips, stockings and other unmentionables need to be replaced as well.

Apparently, my husband has noticed my frustration with the current wardrobe of workout clothes I have stacked in the closet, because he surprised me with an outfit for the gym that he picked up in Jacksonville yesterday.

Yes, this is so sweet, and so fantastic and I should be excited, but honestly, it is putting a bit of a pinch on the wallet from time to time.

My old fat bras only came in white, black or beige. As I was buying a wider girth I somehow lost a cup size. Believe me when I say, I am delighted to see that as I buy smaller, more colorful bras my cup sized has returned to normal.

I have never bought any pantyhose that were not Queen sized in my entire adult life! Fortunately, we live in Florida and I am no longer a “suit”, so I’ll wait on replacing those until I have a need. Otherwise they may dry-rot in my dresser before I ever free them from their package.

Shoes, even my shoes are too big! My favorite flip-flops from last summer? Too big! My old favorite socks, also purchased by the bagful, were also worn and stretched-out. When they started to slip off of my heel and slide under the bottom of my foot, I immediately invested in some athletic socks that have turned out to be worth every single penny!

I recently tossed out my over-sized, tattered pajamas that I have been wearing for 15 years and am currently sleeping in baggy shorts and T-shirts that are still in good shape, but too big to wear in public. I’ll put off purchasing new lingerie until it is closer to my 22nd wedding anniversary in July (wink, wink)!!!

If you see someone wondering the aisles of lace, cotton and spandex infused under-garments, with a glazed look of confusion in her eyes, don’t freak out, it just might be me!

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