Nassau County’s Department of Health has received Moderna vaccines. The first doses are for those who work the front lines directly with the public as well as those who are 65 years old and higher. There are not yet enough shots to go around, so a ticketing process has been put in place to receive vaccines. You must receive an EventBrite E-Ticket to allocate a dose of the vaccine to your appointment.

Before signing up for an appointment, there are three pieces of literature the health department would like you to review:
Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet
What to Expect
Vaccine Screening and Consent Form

Please print the Vaccine Screening and Consent Form and complete before arriving at your scheduled appointment.

The following Nassau County vaccination process was found at
Verify that you are in one of the currently prioritized groups:
a. Healthcare Providers with direct patient contact
b. Residents who are 65 years of age or older

Read the Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet, the What to Expect Card, and Vaccine Screening and Consent Form

Download, review, and sign the Vaccine Screening and Consent Form

Once you have received your E-Ticket, follow the instructions in the EventBrite e-mail to schedule your individual appointment time with the Department of Health.
On the date of your scheduled appointment:
a. Make sure you have your valid ID that shows you 65 years of age or older.
b. If you are a healthcare worker, take your employee ID badge.
c. Make sure you have your completed and signed Consent Form – if you were unable to print your Consent Form, you will have to review and sign the document during your appointment.
d. You will be required to wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth at all times while at the clinic. Social distancing will also be required.
e. Please arrive at the clinic address provided on the E-Ticket 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.