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nassau-physical-therapy-staff-image-337Since 1989, Nassau Physical Therapy, a locally owned and operated outpatient, private practice specializing in orthopedic therapies, has been serving Nassau County, Florida.

Physical impairments, functional limitations and movement disabilities can be treated, and often prevented, by utilizing techniques that include education, hands-on skills, personalized therapeutic movements and promoting self-responsibility for an active or recovering lifestyle.

Owner Jim Marino PT and his professional staff all belong to the American Therapy Association. Using comprehensive assessments, they are qualified to provide a physical therapy diagnosis as well as evidenced based treatment plans. Jim has a BS in Physical Education and Sociology from Emporia State University, and a BS in Physical Therapy from Wichita State University. His commitment to the health of our community is evident in his involvement. He often speaks at local organizations and schools and sponsors many local activities including the Katie Ride for Life and the YMCA Shrimp Festival Run. Married to Shay, the couple has three children and they enjoy staying physically active, traveling, spending time with friends, cooking and wine tasting.

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nassau-physical-therapy-fb-offficeIf your doctor prescribes physical therapy, give Jim and his associates a call at (904) 277-4449 in Fernandina Beach, or (904) 879-1223 in Callahan. Their friendly staff will greet you and then the therapist will perform an objective evaluation which may include, checking your range of motion, testing your muscle strength, and perhaps use other special tests or assessments to give you a complete and thorough treatment plan.

“Physical therapists are experts at treating movement and neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. Pain often accompanies a movement disorder, and physical therapists can help correct the disorder and relieve the pain.”

Services include:

Physical Therapy: Nassau Physical Therapy employs Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistant. Special services offered by our staff include the following:
General Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation: The primary focus of treatment is orthopedics, which includes pre- and post-operative care, sprains, strains, chronic pain and arthritis.
Vestibular and Balance Training: Rehabilitation program ideal for middle ear problems, which result in dizziness, gait deviations and balance-related symptoms.
Foot Orthotic Analysis and fitting: Expert postural and functional gait analysis to determine appropriate foot type and correct affordable Ready – to – Wear Orthoses with custom results.
Sports Medicine: Rehabilitation programs which are modified and enhanced to quickly return high-level athletes and “weekend athletes” to sports-related activities.
Industrial Rehabilitation: General rehabilitation philosophies are modified to focus patient programs on quick, cost effective treatment tailored to address job specific issues.
Health and wellness: Individuals who are interested in increasing their physical activity or wanting to begin or modify a current fitness plan would also benefit from our expertise.

Physical therapists are important members of your medical team. Typically, your doctor or specialized physician provides you with a diagnosis related to a particular movement impairment. The physical therapist (PT) is a health care professional concerned with the remediation of disabilities or impairments and help you promote mobility, ability, quality of life and movement through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention for conditions like arthritis, amputation fractures, stroke, brain or spinal cord injuries, wounds, sports injuries and more.

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