National Geographic Society Founded

National Geographic Society Founded

National Geographic Society Founded

The National Geographic Society was founded on this day in 1888 to inspire people to care about the planet. Interested in the promotion of historical and environmental conservation, the Society is also interested in geography, natural science and archaeology. National Geographic is one of the largest educational and scientific non-profit institutions in the world.

Wildly popular are their incredible photographs that have been publicized in their magazines for years and now online at The Society was created by wealthy travel fans and an elite group of scholars in Washington DC and they became incorporated on January 27, 1888.

Alexander Graham Bell followed in the foot-steps of his father-in-law, Gardiner Hubbard, and became President of the National Geographic Society after Hubbard’s death in 1897. Bell’s own son-in-law became the magazines first full-time editor in 1899 and served the organization for 55 years, until 1954.

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