NCEDB Reports on 4th Quarter Accomplishments

The Newsletter from the Nassau County Economic Development Board shows promising progress for the County. ENCPA is cornerstone of NCEDB 5 year development plan

East Nassau Community Planning Area discussing mixed use development

Starting out the New Year on another positive note is also the Nassau County Economic Development Board with its 2011 Fourth quarter Newsletter “the Director”. The 6 page Pdf attached is written and published by NCEDB staff, and gives us a glimpse of what NCEDB has been “up to” over the past three months as well as covers topics of regional and local interest.

The recent news headline for example that Brazilian Airplane manufacturer Embraer is planning to build the Super Tucano light attack aircraft for the US Department of the Defense in Jacksonville, sheds light on why on several occasions in the past 18 months Brazil was on the economic development menu for the Greater Jacksonville area. Relationships develop over time as parties match their needs. Once all parties have reached a workable comfort level with each other, major progress is usually achieved. That’s why organizations like the NCEDB are absolutely instrumental in long term economic planning and employment opportunities.

The Nassau County Economic Development Board has been a member of the JaxUSA Partnership (formerly Cornerstone) that has been instrumental in attracting many foreign manufacturing and service organizations in recent years. The Newsletter outlines a variety of important initiatives Executive Director Steve Riecks and his staff develop and guide to fruition.

In this issue the interested reader will find topics and accomplishments such as the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Renovation and Expansion project that is supposed to result in adding 160 new jobs, as well as various educational initiatives in the county including the ENCPA Employment Center and the economic Growth future for City of Fernandina Beach.

The NCEDB hopes you find the newsletter informative and interesting, and  always welcome feedback via comments on their website.

Download NCEDB Newsletter  The Director 12.2011 – Volume 3.4

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