Nostalgia Helps People Feel Safe this Holiday Season

$7.95 buys you a ton of cost saving, old fashioned, world tested holiday season fun and tips, while helping those, literally out in the cold because of the economy, to celebrate as well.

Memorable Holidays with Frugal Flair

Memorable Holidays with Frugal Flair

Entering a Holiday Season that is marred by explosive unemployment and no credit facilities will “entice” a lot of people to return to Nostalgia and Frugality when it comes to truly enjoying the holidays.

Every time I enter another holiday season here on Amelia Island I think about our own local Santa Claus, John Rothwell, on the corner of 14th Street and Diane.

His house and grounds turn into a fairytale land of what we really love about Christmas; the lights, the twinkle, the memories of years past, the nostalgia of thinking back to the days when a real Christmas cost $10 at most and the whole family came to decorate, while baked goods cozily smelled up the house and Christmas songs played in the background.

Stores are Scaling Down the Holiday Displays

With Halloween behind us, stores are now focusing entirely on Christmas. The announcement over the weekend that the CIT Group filed for Bankruptcy protection, put in another damper on the availability of credit facilities for many retailers, which will undoubtedly be reflected in the offerings of holiday goods on the shelves.

Many stores are turning back the clock, conjuring up images of hearth and home as they stock their holiday merchandise. Retailers hope embracing holiday traditions from simpler times will tempt recession-weary consumers to open their wallets in a season expected to show flat sales at best.

More gingerbread houses and peppermint crunch cookies, and fewer exotic teas and flavored olive oils; classic ball ornaments instead of offbeat cowboys or cartoon-themed character figures; and an emphasis on simple festive wear like shimmery tops instead of elaborately beaded gowns. Even the traditional Christmas colors — red, green and gold, are back in style this year.

People want comfort and affordability after so many shocks to their lifestyle and livelihood in the past year and a half.

“When the world feels upside down, you don’t want your tree to be upside down,” said Kit Yarrow, professor of consumer psychology at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. “Nostalgia is a way for people to feel safe.” It’s familiar with good memories. Hallmark Cards is tapping into this mood by adding cards to its line up that focus on the importance of being together with family, rather than expensive gift-giving.

We at SearchAmelia are a multi-national group of people centered around core American family values. In order to share our multi-cultural holiday experiences we got together and exchanged hundreds of traditional, family oriented holiday season ideas and tips from around the world and put them in a downloadable e-book.

Now, we could have given these great books away for free as a sharing gesture of the time we live in, but while discussing the project, we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of causes out there that in the past could count on a private/corporate charity or government subsidy to pay for their seasonal needs; charities and organizations that are now left in the cold as many of these sources have dried up.

So we decided to use the proceeds of the sales of this e-Book to support as many causes as we can (locally and countywide) to make sure the groups in our hearts are not forgotten this year.

Between now and Thanksgiving we will publish passages, stories, Christmas carols, recipes and frugal decoration ideas from around the world, that will help you create a memorable Holiday Season on a small budget.

Buy the e-Book and support the ones that have nothing to look forward to.

If you like what you read, get out your credit card and order the download of “Celebrate the Holidays with Frugal Flair”.

It’s only $7.95


You’ll get a ton of ideas and tips while helping those that are left out in the cold, in this recession, get a chance to feel safe and not forgotten this holiday season.


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