November is Long-Term Care Awareness MonthNovember is the official month to think about planning for long-term care for yourself or your loved ones. In fact, November is officially “Long-Term Care Awareness Month.”

Services needed for long-term care, such as personal care or care in your home are not covered by traditional health care plance or Medicare. So additional insurance may be well worth the money spent.

Policies provides plenty of flexibility so you can choose from a variety of options and benefits. Emergency care, assisted living, nursing homes, and transportation services are just some of the things you should be thinking about now.

Some long-term care policies may even include help with daily activities, lengthening the time you live independently. It is important to keep in mind that aging is not the only reason you may need long term care.

Many illnesses or an accident could mean you need assistance with dressing, bathing, going to the restroom, cleaning, cooking, shopping and more.

Of course these services won’t be free, and you can learn more by viewing the Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance. Just one year in a nursing home can cost $50,000 or more, depending on where you live.

Generally, Medicare doesn’t pay for custodial care. This pays for services that are medically necessary so a long-term care insurance policy may be needed to help your family prepare for the future.

If you are a care-giver and need to learn more, you can find an abundance of Caregivers’ Resources HERE… and if you aren’t, well, this is the season to count your blessings and plan for the future.

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