Obama Just Does Not Get It

The list of what we as humans will accept, if someone proves willing to offer it up; is literally endless.

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Stupid Idiots Banner

Obama just doesn’t get it. On the front page of the New York Times, there’s a photo of Obama playing basketball with his so called “boy’s club.” Stupid, while the whole nation is scared to death and the talk is of people going broke while their houses are being foreclosed. Obama should be out of the White House and walking through the streets of America, listening to people, hearing their stories, acting as if he actually gives a damn.

Instead, Obama is nesting in the White House, teaming up with the Wall Streeters who are running the country, and blabbing about “the good times that are coming.” C’mon, Barack, get off your ass and get out there. As far as I can see, you’re a guaranteed one-term president. Your public relations stink.

The only worse public relations activity occurring is on Wall Street. The gall and greed of these thieves is absolutely astounding. After taxpayers have given these guys billions of dollars to keep them in business, they pass out billions of that money in bonuses. “Too big to fail” is a joke. If they’re too big to fail, they’re too damn big to exist. I say let them fail and let the bear market do what it’s supposed to do — get rid of the incompetents and losers.

The list of what we as humans will accept, if someone proves willing to offer it up; is literally endless. Of course, some of the items on the list make more sense than others, but that’s not the point. The point is that, like sea turtles or red-bottomed baboons, we human apes have certain characteristics, including a sufficient degree of intelligence to accept a freebie when one is proffered. Of course politicians are well aware of this, and so they spend most of their time in office deliberating the latest scheme to provide the public with something for nothing. They do so for the votes their nature tells them they need to stay in power past the next election, and they do so without regard for the fact that they are leading the country on to an escalator of endless demands. Over time this demand for more in a democracy becomes entrenched and ultimately leads to the sort of situation that has brought the United States, and many other aging democracies, to the point of near ruin.

Now, I’m just one of 307 million citizens of these United States. And the evidence at hand strongly suggests my views on how to return the U.S. economy to health “by slashing the size of government and its many handouts to the bone” would be un-welcomed by the majority.

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  1. Hal_Burns

    This is why I read Market Man and his thoughts on current events. Once again he has hit a home run. Thanks for telling it like it really is and not sugar coating it. Obama will go down as one of the worst administrations in the history of this country. Is there time for him to turn it around? I'm not so sure he hasn't reached the point of no return, due to the fall of the economy and the further fall that is coming. Time will tell though.

  2. Joachim Stiller

    There is another dimension to consider. Obama cannot be everything to all people. His predisposition makes it impossible. I think what you will see is the following development:
    1. the rich will leave the country for other destinations
    2. the dollar will devaluate. It is by now inevitable (and not only Obama's mistake)
    3. The country will split up in possibly seven regions. There is no way out since regions operate different economic platforms and will first and foremost cater to their own region.
    4. A number of States will reach bankruptcy status which will lead to social tensions and large scale population migrations.
    5. A person in Duluth Minnesota and a person in Hialeah, Florida can proudly call themselves Americans, but when the water rises to the lips the priorities changes quickly into:
    a. family first
    b. neighborhood
    c. job environment
    d. town and county
    e. state
    f. region
    g. political affiliation
    h. race
    i. country (maybe)

    We're living in interesting times, but it does not behoove to blame it all on one person. He has drowned himself into the reality of the fact that nothing can really change the direction we're heading. The powers that have created the chaos were already in place long before he was born. He may have already sold out to protect his own list of priorities. And I know that pushing social health care through will give him the historical recognition he is aiming for, no matter the financial consequences.

  3. Dave Ferraro

    Well said. Well done.
    It's about time for some plain, tough talk and you nailed it Mr. Market Man

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