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I subscribe to the adage that you should never stop educating yourself.

florida-gulf-coast-universityIf you have considered going back to school for a degree, you may have asked yourself, “at my age, at this point in my career, is it worth the money?” Before deciding that pursuing a degree is a waste of time and/or money, or a lofty goal out of grasp, consider the benefits of obtaining a degree.

It does not matter whether your degree is in business, library science, legal studies, international relations, or any other discipline. It has been said that education is its own reward, but it is general knowledge that education opens doors of opportunity for career and financial advancement as well as personal satisfaction.

I subscribe to the adage that you should never stop educating yourself. I believe if you stop learning, you stop growing. Eliminate the words”too old” from your self-talk. Everyone is entitled to the gift of learning, and age should have no bearing on the decision to seek an education.

Going back to school can provide you with the valuable benefit of networking. Interacting with classmates as a mature individual with an established career can afford opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with experienced and influential professionals in your community.

If you graduated from high school more than a decade ago, you may wonder if you are still capable of taking on the coursework required to get a degree. I can tell you from personal experience that you will most likely be pleasantly surprised at how much will come back to you.

The time commitment to pursue a degree is significant, so a support system is crucial. You will need the support of family members and (if you choose to continue working) your employer. Homework may keep you up late and will definitely increase the amount of time you spend working and studying.

You should seek inspiration by reflecting upon your motivation for returning to school. Is that motivation to increase your future earnings? Is it from a desire to move into a new career field? Are you motivated by burn-out‚ or boredom in your career and need intellectual stimulation?

My advice is that pursuing a degree is worth every bit of time and money required. I have enjoyed the benefits of greater expertise in my career in the legal profession, and can personally attest that the gratification that comes with earning a degree is its own reward as well.

Cyndi Jones, CP, FRP
I earned my A.A. degree and my A.S. degree in Legal Studies from FCCJ. I am nationally certified by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and have obtained the status of Florida Registered Paralegal. I am currently attending Florida Gulf Coast University pursuing my B.S. in Legal Studies. I have worked in the legal profession for over 10 years as a paralegal.


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