Directed by Toni D’Amico, On Golden Pond auditions will be held on July 9, 2016, at 2:00 p.m. at the Amelia Community Theatre.

Characters include:

Norman Thayer – Age Late 70’s
Nearing his eightieth birthday, Norman is flirting with senility and is aware of it enough to use it to his advantage, usually in a humorous way. He is a curmudgeon, as he feels his age entitles him to be. He is very much in love with Ethel, his wife, but doesn’t quite know what to do about their daughter, Chelsea. He is frustrated with himself and life. He has memory and hearing troubles and rails against old age and its limitations.

Ethel Thayer – Age 60- 70
Norman’s wife and lifelong companion, she is a spritely, active woman who loves her husband completely and who is in love with simply being alive. She is caregiver, sweetheart, and friend to Norman. She is resolute, strong-willed and determined. As she watches Norman’s struggles she shows cracks in her determination and is inwardly fearful, Ethel remains the sturdy wall her husband needs.

Chelsea Thayer Wayne – Age 40-50
The daughter of Norman and Ethel. She has an uneasy relationship with Norman which she tries to come to grips with. Although confident in most aspects of her life, she sometimes reverts to being “the little fat girl” in her father’s presence.

Billy Ray Jr. – Age 13 or 14
Son of Chelsea’s fiancé. He is abruptly left with Norman and Ethel to spend a large part of the summer. He is at first resentful and upset but comes to appreciate Norman and Ethel and even thrives on their lifestyle.

Bill Ray – Age 40-50
Chelsea’s fiancé. A dentist in California. He seems out of place with the rustic surroundings of Golden Pond and is unsure of how to deal with Norman. Definitely not the outdoors type.
He is trying his best to make a good impression on Norman and Ethel.

Charlie Martin – Age 40-50
The local delivery-by-boat mailman, and town gossip Charlie is a long-time family friend. Still single, he has had a life-long crush on Chelsea.

Actors should come prepared to the auditions. Knowledge of the play will be helpful. Actors will read from the script. You may check out a script at the box office by calling (904) 261-6749.