Onion Chopper Product ReviewThe Vidalia Onion Wizard is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets I have come across in the past few years. First let me say that this is not an advertisement and I am receiving no benefits in any way for writing this article, other than giving you an inexpensive idea for gift giving this holiday season.

We originally received this onion chopper as a gift about three or four years ago. It is easy to use whether chopping onions, carrots, peppers and more. With a quick change of the cutting tray you can dice fruits, cheese and vegetables faster than you ever imagined.

Simply wash and peel your fruits and veggies then place them on the blades. When you close the lid it cuts perfect little pieces. The container holds two cups of choppied goodies, and it is so fast and easy we often chop up tomatoes, carrots, peppers, onions and mushrooms for the entire week. No more crying when chopping onions, no more coughing when dicing jalepenos and no more cuts on your fingertips from a slippery knife.

Some cutting is still required because your fruits and veggies must fit over the blades, otherwise the lid won’t close. To avoid being splashed with tomato juice, we cut tomatoes in half before placing them, cut side down, onto the blades.

Kitchen ChopperWe have never had the blades go dull, but we do go through about one of these gadgets per year. Please keep in mind though, we use our chopper several times per week and for about $15.00 we feel we indeed get our money’s worth before buying a new one.

The pieces are machine washable, but I always wash them by hand. The hardest part to clean is the lid, but the chopper comes with a special tool to clean those grooves. Other than that, this is a perfect little invention… too bad it is not made in America.


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