Over Time You Become What You Think

When you learn to ignore the chatter in your mind for the real values in life, you realize that you truly can become what you think.

Life is so much more important than stuff

Life is so much more important than stuff

As the years go by most of us learn that the greatest value in life is not what you have or what you own, but what you have become. Over time you start to realize that it is not what you have, but what you do with what you have that counts. It’s a bit like having your person change its demands to fit the challenges life throws at all of us. As several people in Moore, Oklahoma said in front of the camera after losing their homes to the latest monster tornado: “It doesn’t matter It’s only stuff.”

To get to this awareness it is essential that you work harder on yourself than you work on your job. If you work on your job, you can make a living. If you work on yourself, you can make a life. And then you will automatically own a fortune.

You need to learn from the lessons around you, and you need to hear the stories of the people around you, determining why some stories are good and some are bad, and what you need to do to make your stories good. This can only happen if you let your heart be stirred by words, and these words must help you develop whatever ideas are given to you to make your life a success. The ideas that you carry around in your head sooner or later become behavior. If you harbor the wrong thoughts, you will be carrying out the wrong behavior. If you are harboring good thoughts in your head, you will demonstrate good behavior.

New life needs new ideas. A good life will develop from good ideas. Bad behavior comes from bad ideas, and you determine by the choice of your character what kind of thoughts you are going to hold in your mind and life. If, by your determination, your life needs changing, then your ideas need to change.

One day while in College I lost ten dollars out of my wallet, or I misplaced it, or it was stolen. For two days I was sick about my loss. Today if I lost ten dollars, I wouldn’t be too concerned. What’s the difference? The idea of the importance of ten dollars has changed for me. The importance of an idea can affect how you feel and what you do. If you are harboring a bad idea that is causing you emotional harm, then change its’ importance in your life. Diminish it so it doesn’t affect you.

What ideas are important to you? What do you emphasize in your thinking? Is what you think about, even worry about, as important as you think. Will what you worry about be as important next year, or even six months, or even tomorrow. Can you remember what you worried about yesterday? Is it still cause for worry today?

You are what you think.

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