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Tropical Seabreeze

Tropical Seabreeze Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz. Vodka 3 oz. Cranberry Juice 1 oz. Sprite Instructions: Easy to serve, just mix over ice.

Fay Damage

Photos of Tropical Storm Fay Damage on Amelia Island

Encore Performance

The Dynamic Les DeMerle Band With Bonnie Eisele & Special Guests Al Walters (sax and flute) and Doug Matthews (keyboards) August 25, 2008 brings an encore performance of “Blue Monday Jazz & Wine”, an intimate concert at the Intercoastal Wine…
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Fishing for Keepers After Tropical Storm Fay

As tropical Fay crept along the east coast of Florida she built incredibly high surf and brought with her torrential rains of up to 35″ in some areas of Florida. Fay is Florida’s first bout with a tropical storm for…
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We childproofed our house, but the kids still get in! Children can give you a lot of headaches, a lot of tension and a lot of tension headaches. The next time you get a head-ache do what the directions on…
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Orange-Sesame Chicken with Rice

Orange-Sesame Chicken with Rice Recipe submitted by: Nick This is an Asian inspired recipe of chicken breasts soaked in a an orange and fresh herb marinade, served with rice.

Amelia Island Jazz Festival

2008 Schedule of Events and Concerts Tickets go on sale on-line August 18, 2008 at After September 5, 2008, tickets will be available at the UPS Store (Island Walk Shopping Center, Fernandina Beach ‚Äì 904.277.0820), at the Inter- coastal…
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Leonardo Da Vinci invented multi tasking, he could write with one hand and draw with the other. (No wonder it took him ten years to paint the lips on Mona Lisa.) Phyllis Diller is Susan Lucci‚Äôs mother. Most lipstick contains…
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Attorneys Feeling the Sluggish Real Estate Market

Attorneys Feeling the Sluggish Real Estate Market By: Nick Deonas The U.S. Census Bureau released figures on June 25, in conjunction with The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. These numbers were based on 512 thousand new single-family…
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Fort Clinch State Park

On Amelia Island, at the entrance to the St. Mary‚Äôs River and the Cumberland Sound is a pentagonal brick fort. Fort Clinch was named for General Duncan Lamont Clinch, an important figure and American army officer who served as a…
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Offshore Towers to be Removed

Offshore Towers to be Removed By: Jamie Deonas If you have ever ventured offshore Amelia Island then you certainly have seen the 2 offshore towers located just north of the St. Mary‚Äôs channel. These 2 towers have been in place…
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Curious American Decisions

Whose bright idea was it to sell hot dogs in packages of ten, but the buns are only available in packages of eight? Found on a hemorrhoid cr√®me label: ‚ÄúDo not ingest.‚Äù Now, who in the world tried this on…
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