Patent Applications Confirm United States as Contenders

The amount of foreign patents asking for US approval and US company filed patents indicate the ongoing switch to an automation driven economy of the future

Dodgeball Matrix is an IBM patent

Dodgeball Matrix is an IBM patent

Companies file patents on their research products and one of the most rewarded patent approvals has historically been, being approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. In 2009 the USPTO issued a total 167,350 utility patents with an estimated 1.2 million patent request still in the pipe line as backlog.

For the second year in a row foreign patent requests slightly outnumbered US company patent requests, which actually only confirms value indicating the importance for many foreign companies to be approved in the US Marketplace.

What’s more revealing is actually the impressive year-over-year gains by US firms in the top 50 with technology giant IBM reaching a historical 4914 patents approved during the year, followed by Korean Samsung with 3,611 patents and Microsoft with 2,906 approvals.

IBM has mostly added patents related to massive, parallel super-computing and has patented technologies to improve technologies for traffic management systems and electricity grids.

It was especially encouraging for long term global economic outputs that innovation in American firms is far from declining and the economic downturn  did not slow overall patent activity. U.S. companies held four of the top 10 slots of issuers, down from five the previous year. Japanese companies were the closest competitors with five of the top 10 slots and 23% of total patents. South Korea, Germany and Taiwan were distant third, fourth and fifth place-finishers.

List of Top 10 Corporate Patent Issuers in 2009
1. IBM 4,914
2. Samsung 3,611
3. Microsoft 2,906
4. Canon 2,206
5. Panasonic 1,829
6. Toshiba 1,696
7. Sony 1,680
8. Intel 1,537
9. Seiko Epson 1,330
10. HP 1,273

Clearly an indication that an important part of the American economic future and job markets are corner-stoned in communication and data processing.

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    But it should also head a warning that further automation is high on the list showing that manual labor (blue and white collar) will be shrinking while high end “controller and implementation” jobs will be on the rise.

    The “need it here and now” knowledge will become more important steering the education further into “self study” and “e-learning”.

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