Pétanque America Open 2009 comes to a close

Petanque America Open comes to a Close

Petanque America Open comes to a Close

Here are the photographic impression of the second and finals day of the American Open Petanque 2009 on Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach. The second day may have been even more glorious in weather than Saturday’s treat of a phenomenal sunrise followed by azure blue skies and temperatures in the high 70’s. The weather was so beautiful that many a player and spectator at the end of the day had slight sunburns and wearing a hat or cap was almost a necessity.

Next to remarkable round 32 games, quarter, semi finals and finals the public was treated on a book signing by world famous chef, Jacques Pépin and many took the opportunity to get a personal copy signed and sealed with a photo-op with this great chef. Rumors has it that the next pétanque tournament on Amelia Island will be in grandeur style involving food and wine. Again, just a rumor but the boyish smile on Pépin’s face when asked by our publisher about this “chef’s secrets in the pétanque circles” holds promise of something truly unique for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach.

From the great number of comments from the players and visitors, Fernandina Beach on the quaint Island of Amelia, has touched so many with the promise of returning to our beautiful shores that the next pétanque tournament is almost certainly sealed.

Below is the Photo impression of the second and finals day of the Pétanque America Open 2009. If you wish to receive high resolution images (and we have many more pictures not featured below) please let us know and we will consider making the total of almost 600 pictures available for download in the next couple of days, but you must let us know.


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