Petanque First Prize Check Went Missing

Was it the surprise of winning or did the winning team create a new trend in which the publicity check means more than a trophy?

Did the check end up in Montréal?

Yes, the large 1st Prize check has been lost since last Sunday night! No foul play is suspected but the organizers think that the unexpected but very deserving Canadian winners Messrs. Lauhlé and St.Croix had no clue about returning the check to the organizers, which was made available by Petanque America’s friendly bankers ” The First Federal Bank of Florida” on Sadler.

The tournament which attracted several hundred players from around the world to Amelia Island last week, many belonging to the absolute world top ended in somewhat of a surprise victory for the Canadian team and on Friday night when we went out with some of the last Petanquers hanging on to their week of vacation here in Fernandina Beach, I overheard at the dinner table at Le Clos, that the check has been lost since the Prize Ceremony on Sunday night.

I remember that banks started to have giant pre-printed checks available for sporting and community events some time in the 1980s. Anyone organizing an event with cash prizes could request to borrow a large check from their bank, which would become a great photography prop for the organizers and an easy picture opportunity for the press.  Obviously after the event in question, the names of the winners would be erased and the check would be returned to the bank for their next customer organizing an event with prize monies.

Well, our first prize winning Canadian friends apparently had no clue about this established tradition and seem to have taken the check back home to Montreal.

Petanque America owner Phillippe Boets and his assistant TJ Seaton hope that both men have not tried to cash the check at a banking institution, even though technically and legally a signed giant signifies a legal transaction.

With a nod of gratitude to tournament director Christophe, here are once again the names of the winning teams from the quarter finals up.

1) Jean Michel Laulhé / Stéphane St. Croix
2) Ben Gauthier / Mario Gagné
3) Alain Brunette / Yanick Laulhé
4) Eric Bertin / Xavier Thibaud
5) Marc Vendrine /Jean Banchet
6) Bernard Martin / Jean Pierre Hueaud
7) Peter Mathis / Roger Arpaïa
8) Juan Garcia / Mamary Coulibali

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  1. TJ

    Thank goodness the bank understood and found it kinda amusing. We are in the process of retrieving the check in question.

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