louis-auryOne scoundrel Pirate who spent time on Amelia Island was born Louis Michel Aury. Though he claimed to be Mexican, Louis Aury was born in Paris around 1788. As a young man he served in the French Navy, and then preyed on French Privateers, saving a small fortune and then setting sail as master of his own vessels.

Eventually he caught up with a group from New Orleans and captured several vessels heading to Belize, but he was injured in a mutiny in the harbor of Galveston, Texas. Help soon arrived from New Orleans and José Manuel de Herrera, claimed Galveston for the Mexican republic. He appointed Aury the resident commissioner, and raised the rebel flag on September 13, 1816.

Within the year, Aury resigned his post and headed to the Florida coast joining Gregor MacGregor. MacGregor was an authorized agent of the rebel colonies now known as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina. MacGregor was financed by US business firms to capture Fort San Carlos taking over control of Amelia Island and away from the Spanish. As MacGregor ran out of money for men and munitions, he left Amelia under the care of Ruggles Hubbard and Jared Irwin, who by a fluke, were able to repel a Spanish counterattack in the Battle of Amelia in 1817.

With the island in disarray, MacGregor told Aury and he sailed into the port of Fernandina, and was warmly welcomed by Hubbard and Irwin who were desperately seeking financial aid. A compromise was reached between the three and a celebration was held with a proclamation from Aury and Hubbard annexing Amelia Island to the Mexican Republic. Before the end of 1817, Aury surrendered to US forces and the American flag replaced the Mexican flag and Amelia Island was held in trust for Spain.