Play by Play Childbirth from the Birthing Room
Play by Play Childbirth from the Birthing Room
I logged onto my Facebook account this morning and saw that my cousin’s wife was in labor. They were at the hospital and at only 3 cm dialated, she was walking the halls to hurry things along. I commented to my cousin, Aaron, “Play by Play Childbirth? We are thinking of you! LOL!”

He responded with, “I want to keep my out of town family informed. LOL”

I would be one of those out of town family members. I live on Amelia Island and Aaron and his wife, Brittnie, live near Louisville, Kentucky.

As I scrolled further reading the Facebook comments that hit my page while I was sleeping, I found a posting from my Aunt, Aaron’s mom. “New Grandbaby coming today, I’m so excited!”

Sitting here, I think about the birth of my three kids and how when we announced the birth of my first child, a telegram had to be sent to my brother who was stationed on the USS Saratoga at the time. Do kids today even know what a telegram is? At least when I had my third child cellular telephones had been invented and my husband used his phone to keep our family and friends updated on the labor and delivery.

I scrolled back up to check on the progress. I see Aaron has uploaded a picture via his Blackberry, of his wife up and pacing the halls.

“Oh…, an update!” I see that the doctor came in and broke her water, so now we are all just waiting.

Today, it is possible for Aaron to post the progress of his wife’s labor and the delivery of his youngest child on Facebook updating all of his friends and family at one time. And so, here I sit, waiting for the next update. It is not quite play-by-play childbirth yet, but honestly, with the rapid pace of today’s techonological leaps, how far off could live streaming video for the casual household be? Already we know he could use a laptop and skype to put Grandma right there in the room with them.

The birth could take hours and I don’t expect to hear much before then, but as soon as I do… I’ll give you the play-by-play!