Fernandina Maritime ExchangeFernandina Beach FL – We are pleased to announce that the “WiFi Hotspot” at the Port of Fernandina is now up and running. To get it off the ground various FMX (Fernandina Maritime Exchange, Inc.) members have volunteered to support this initiative which will be a great benefit to vessel crewmembers at the Port of Fernandina; allowing them at no cost to contact their families in foreign lands without having to leave their vessel to find a hotspot or a phone. Many of the vessels are in port for only a few hours and the crew is not allowed to go ashore for many reasons.

The benefit to individual crewmembers is quite obvious, but this service also tells the maritime industry that the Port of Fernandina is doing its best to find ways to support the agents, ship operators and owners who use the Port of Fernandina to load and discharge their cargoes.

We wish to thank all those members who have already indicated that they will support this worthy inexpensive project. We invite other members to commit to supporting the service. The total annual cost is only $1,541.76. We hope you will join in donating by contacting Spots Watkins at spots_watkins@greenislandmaritime.com. Any level of support is greatly appreciated.

The security code for the WiFi Hotspot is portoffernandina.