Prepare Now for Spring Cleaning

February is the recommended month for inspecting your home for areas where water is mostly likely to slip its way into your property.

Spring Cleaning Includes Maintenance

Spring Cleaning Includes Maintenance

Are you prepared for the upcoming spring showers? With the season of rain and spring cleaning rapidly approaching, February is the recommended month for inspecting your home for areas where water is mostly likely to slip its way into your property. So grab your paper and pencil to make a note of areas in your home that need attention.

Below is a suggested list for inspection. You are looking for visible moisture (condensation) or water staining.


    1. Scrutinize your ceilings, along windows and door frames. Caulk as necessary!
    2. Check inside your attic space and the ventilation seals for water staining on the interior. Seal or replace as necessary.
    3. Looking at supply lines behind toilets, under sinks, behind washers, from water softening systems or hot water heaters. Keeping these lines inspected and replaced if worn looking, will ensure you do not have to experience a supply line break!
    4. Investigate drywall and tile areas around tubs, showers, toilets and sinks. This could indicate leaks from plumbing located in the wall cavity. If any are found, you may have to contact a plumber to fix your leaks.
    5. Check the base of all toilets in your home. If leaking, you will need to replace the wax rings. If left unchecked, you could be looking at possible water intrusion and extensive damage to flooring materials and subfloor.
    6. Have your HVAC condensation line cleaned. A backed up condensation line can lead to an overflow in the drip pan and also adds moisture back into your home.


    1. Look under the eaves and around ventilation seals. Water intrusion at the eaves and rakes is the movement of water into the sheathing, fascia boards, and other vulnerable materials along the roof’s edge. Drip edging and gutter systems help prevent damage to these areas.
    2. Check exterior of siding for areas that may require sealing, painting or replacement. Fixing exterior issues early, prevents damaged interiors.
    3. Check around windows and doors to see if caulking needs to be replaced. It is recommended that fresh caulk be applied annually to prevent water intrusion.
    4. Clean gutters and debris from roof area and check for storm damage, ie., missing shingles or damaged shingles. Repair as necessary.

Following the above simple steps could help you prevent future water intrusion. Remember, regular inspections and maintenance can prevent problems before they begin. Make every February YOUR inspection month.

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