Preparing the Christmas Shopping List

As my list grows longer and items are checked off, many other gifts and names too, unfortunately, will likely be removed from the list entirely.

Christmas List

Christmas List

There are only 66 days until Christmas so I sat down today and began preparing my shopping list. Usually, I shop year round scooping up bargains, but this year I haven’t done a thing. The economy is down, and I have heard that stores will not be stockpiling merchandise with the killer Black Friday sales I have,in the past, so eagerly awaited.

Chatting with my friends, I have learned that everyone is downsizing Christmas this year. People are concerned about the economy and have been re-evaluating their budgets and large Christmas expenditures are no longer in the plan. Unemployment is up, hours are being cut back and many are learning to be their own boss as they step out on their own business endeavors.

The weather is finally cooler and Halloween is just around the corner. Before you know it we will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner and picking out the perfect tree for the family room.

I plan to do as much shopping locally as I can this year. We are a small community with neighbors who are struggling to keep their business afloat and all indicators lead me to believe holiday shopping will not be as brisk as it has been in the past. Our neighbors, right here in Nassau County are offering sales and special purchases already. While walking downtown at the car show on Saturday I saw lovely earrings on sale at Amelia’s Fine Jewelry. My husband ran into an old friend who just opened an indoor shooting range. So, now my list begins. Birthstone earrings would be a great stocking stuffer for my daughter and a gift certificate to the shooting range for my step-father would be great, check and check!

As my list grows longer and items are checked off, many other gifts and names too, unfortunately, will likely be removed from the list entirely. So, as the holidays come and go, don’t be upset if you find your friend has made their list, checked it twice and your name was removed; just blame it on the economy and the necessity of returning to the basics. Frugality is popular this year! Especially, if you are not in the rankings of the most affluent Americans.

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  1. Hal_Burns

    Frugality was mandated this year and I believe eveyone will practice some sort of downsizing their Christmas gift giving. I know I have already removed a couple from my list and I'm afraid my name has been removed from other gift lists. Remember the good ole days that our parents and grandparents enjoyed at Christmas. It was not a mad rush to see who could buy the most? When I was a kid growing up we would get one gift of a toy, the rest would be items of clothing, fruit bags and baked goods that were sent by other family members as we had sent baked goods to their home. No, Christmas wa a much different event fity plus years ago. I wish someone would come up with ideas that would help bring back those days, the holidays would mean so much more and our pocketbooks would smile.

  2. Ameliaprivateeye

    Saving on Christmas is a big issue this year. Keep an eye on SearchAmelia articles, we will be sharing some wonderful money saving tips with our viewers this season.

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